Nightly Skincare Routine

Long time no talk! I started my summer class a few weeks ago and needless to say that has been keeping me plenty busy so forgive me! Anyways, today I wanted to come on here and share my nightly (and sometimes mornings too) skincare routine since it was a routine that really worked for me. So first, let’s start with the base product that cleared up my skin a good amount…BIRTH CONTROL. Now this might not work for everyone, but the type of acne I was getting was hormonal so the birth control really helped a lot, especially with my chest and back. Next step is once I get in the shower ( I shower at night) I exfoliate my face using the St. Ives apricot scrub and right after that I use a gentle facial cleanser which is usually different every time, but right now it happens to be one by clean and clear. The next step is once I get out of the shower, I use a 100% witch hazel toner which is AMAZING, it really helps to get any leftover junk out of your face. The final step is the key to nice skin…. MOISTURIZE!! I personally use coconut oil and it really helps to hydrate my skin. That’s all there is to my skin care routine and hopefully this might help someone who has yet to find their perfect routine!


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